*RARE DINOSAUR SKIN* Edmontosaurus Skin Fossil USA



Up for sale is an incredibly rare fossil specimen; a piece of fossilised Hadrosaur skin. This dinosaur died in a cold, acidic, environment with low oxygen levels that allowed it to mummify. After many years, the mummy began to fossilise and turn into rock. This fossil is still laced keratin from the original skin and is from the leg. You can even see the crease of the skin. Dinosaur skin is extremely hard to come by, as the skin is one of the first parts of the body to be eaten away. The preservation of this specimen is truly fantastic. I cannot stress how special and remarkable this find is. The riker display box is included.

This fossil is 100% natural with NO restorations or repairs.

Warning: Because this fossil is extremely fragile, it must be handled with care and never come into contact with water. We recommend that you keep it in the box at all times and only take it out minimally.


Species: Edmontosaurus annectens

Length: 75.63mm (2.977”)

Width: 57.70mm (2.035”)

Weight: 44.37g (1.565 oz.)

Location: Hell Creek Formation, Montana, USA.

Age: 73 to 66 Million Years Old.

Edmontosaurus is an extinct genus of hadrosaurid (duck-billed) dinosaur that lived in the Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous (67 to 66 Million Years Ago). They were among the largest of the hadrosaur family and could grow up to 15 metres (49 feet), weighing around 9 metric tons (10 short tons). Unlike other genera of hadrosaurs, Edmontosaurus lacked large, hollow crests and instead had smaller, solid crests or fleshy combs. This classifies then as saurolophine hadrosaurids. These large herbivores were widely distributed across western North America and usually preferred coasts and coastal plains. Edmontosaurus, like most other hadrosaurs, was a facultative biped, meaning that they usually walked on four legs, but could adopt a bipedal stand when necessary. For more information on Edmontosaurus, click here.


Length: 75.63mm (2.977”)

Width: 57.70mm (2.035”)

Weight: 44.37g (1.565 oz.)

Location: Hell Creek Formation, Montana, USA.

Species/Genus: Edmontosaurus annectens

Geological era: Mesozoic

Period: Late Cretaceous

Age (MYA): 73 to 66 Million Years Ago

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