PRISCACARA Fish Fossil, Green River Wyoming, USA

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Here is a wonderful example of a Priscacara fish from the Green River fossil beds of Wyoming. The bones and fins of this specimen are preserved magnificently and are very three dimensional. Its fins are absolutely exceptional; extremely clear and well defined, just like the small vertebrae running through the middle of the fish. This fossil is for an advanced collector looking for a unique and rare specimen.

This fossil is 100% genuine with NO restoration.

Dimensions of Entire Specimen:

Length: 133.85mm (5.269”)

Width: 129.9mm (5.114”)

Depth: 17.59mm (0.692”)

Weight: 626 grams (22.081 oz.)

Specifications of Fish:

Species: Priscacara liops

Length: 110.01mm (4.331”)

Width: 69.38mm (2.731”)

Location: Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA

Species: Priscacara liops

Geological era: Cenozoic

Period: Palaegene

Epochs: Eocene

Age (MYA): 53.5 to 48.5 Million Years Ago

Priscacara is a genus of extinct perch from the middle Eocene epoch and are most commonly found in the Green River Shales of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, though on rare occasions they have been recovered from various lakes in the same states. There are two recognised species, Priscacara liops and Priscacara serrata but P. liops is the most common. Its diet most likely included snails and crustaceans.

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